Maintaining Oral Health

Maintaining oral health is something many Americans overlook. Even people who brush and floss daily tend to avoid going to the dentist. People cite a lack of time, a fear of the dentist, worries about price, or being unsure where to go. Not maintaining oral health isn’t worth the problems and the cost down the line. 

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, almost 78% of Americans develop a cavity before turning 17. The CDC reported 40,000 new cases of oral and pharyngeal cancer in 2012 alone. If you want to avoid cancer, cavities, and other ailments, maintaining oral health is critical.

General Dentistry Is Key To Maintaining Oral Health

Visiting your dentist twice a year is key to maintaining oral health. You should think of general dentistry visits as physicals for your mouth. Even though you might feel or see something is wrong in your mouth, you’re not a professional. A dentist finds the issues you can’t see in the mirror. General dentistry provides the services necessary for maintaining oral health. These visits also determine whether or not you need cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry services, as well.

Maintaining oral health is a reflection of your overall physical health. Dentists identify things like lesions that could indicate more extensive problems, like diabetes. Conversely, maintaining oral health also prevents dental problems from spreading. Untreated gum disease or tooth infections cause respiratory and cardiovascular issues after entering the bloodstream. Maintaining oral health now precludes the need for emergency dentistry later. 

Signature Smiles’ Services

When it comes to dentistry, there’s no one better than Signature Smiles. The services we provide for maintaining oral health include:

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