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Gingivitis Treatment in Parker, CO

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease which causes redness and inflammation of the gingiva, part of the gum surrounding the teeth. If left untreated, gingivitis leads to periodontitis, a gum infection that damages the gums and the bone that supports the teeth. The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis can be prevented or even reversed by brushing 2 or more times per day, flossing and regular dental visits. Read on to learn more about gingivitis treatment and how additional general dentistry services can help with your oral health.

Gingivitis Treatment in Parker, CO

Gingivitis Treatment: Symptoms

Healthy gums are normally firm and pale pink. However, individuals with darkly pigmented skins will also have darker gums. The gingiva should fit tightly around the base of the teeth.

The signs of gingivitis include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Dark red or dusky gums
  • Gums that bleed easily when you brush or floss
  • Bad smelling breath
  • Receding or tender gums

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist for a checkup. From here, you may need gingivitis treatment in Parker, CO and the oral surgery Parker, CO provides.

Gingivitis Treatment: Causes

Poor hygiene can allow plaque to form on the teeth, leading to inflammation of the gum tissue through the following process:

  • Plaque forms on the teeth – Plaque is a film that forms on the surface of teeth. Plaque consists primarily of bacteria. The bacteria forms on the teeth when starches and sugar interact with bacteria in your mouth. This is part of the reason that daily brushing is so important because it removes plaque which reforms quickly.
  • Plaque converts to tartar – Over time, plaque that remains on the teeth transforms into tartar or calculus. Tartar collects bacteria and makes plaque harder to remove. Tartar serves to shield the bacteria and requires professional cleaning to remove.
  • Gingivitis – Gingivitis occurs when the gingiva becomes inflamed. If allowed to continue, the gums swell and bleed easily and pull away from the teeth. If not treated, gingivitis develops into periodontitis.

Gingivitis Treatment: Risk Factors

Gingivitis is a common form of gum disease. There are several risk factors which can be mitigated by proper gingivitis treatment:

  • Poor oral care, tobacco use, dry mouth, age, and genetics
  • Poor nutrition, especially vitamin C deficiency
  • Poorly fitted dental restorations or difficult to clean space between the teeth
  • Immune deficiencies or diseases such as leukemia or AIDS that affect the immune system
  • Drugs, such as phenytoin or calcium blockers
  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menstruation or hormonal changes caused by birth control pills
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Gingivitis Treatment: Complications

Without proper gingivitis treatment, gingivitis can lead to gum disease. It is also possible, that gingivitis may lead to systemic diseases such as respiratory disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis. One theory is that the bacteria that cause periodontitis can enter the bloodstream through the mouth leading to systemic illnesses.

Gingivitis Treatment Parker Colorado Trusts With Signature Smiles Dentistry

If you need the gingivitis treatment Parker, Colorado trusts, contact Signature Smiles Dentistry. We are experts in general dentistry and oral surgery, and strive to provide our patients with the best possible dental care and gingivitis treatment. Call us today at 720-722-3792 to schedule an appointment and learn more about Signature Smiles Dentistry. Gingivitis is preventable with proper care. This can include:

Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth for at least 2 mins, two times per day and flossing at least once per day. If possible, brush after every meal.

Regular Dental Visits

Visit your dentist or dental hygienist every 6 to 12 months or more often if you have risk factors such as an immune disease or use tobacco products.

Healthy Diet

Avoid sugary snacks. If you have diabetes, take measures to control it.

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