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Root Canals in Parker, Colorado

Root canals help dentists repair and save heavily damaged, decayed or infected teeth. This crucial dental procedure removes damaged tooth pulp. The dentist cleans and disinfects the newly formed space in your tooth, filling and sealing it for better strength and durability. You need these procedures after you experience problems caused by tooth cracks, cavities, trauma or repeated dental treatments.

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How Tooth Decay Begins

Root canals treat tooth decay after a tooth suffers infection or abscess from the decay reaching the dentin, your tooth’s layer beneath its enamel. The decay continues going deeper into your tooth until it reaches the tooth nerve, called pulp. This irreversibly damages your tooth, leading the nerve to die.

As the tooth nerve dies, it releases chemicals that cause root infection, pain, and swelling. Your dentist diagnoses your need for a root canal when you notice your tooth pain and visit the dental office for help. When you need root canals Parker, Colorado provides, you need to visit a dentist you trust.

The root canals Parker, Colorado offers will take place in your dentist’s office unless the dentist decides to refer you to a specialist called an endodontist. Your dentist makes this decision on a case-by-case basis, according to the damage your tooth has suffered and his or her particular skills.

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The Process of Root Canals

Root canals Parker, Colorado start with an injection of anesthesia around the area of the damaged tooth. This keeps you from feeling pain during your procedure. Your dentist works to remove the decay, infected pulp and nerve tissue from your tooth’s roots. Then he or she prepares the tooth for a filling.

The dentist fills your tooth with a substance called gutta-percha. This seals the tooth, blocking the roots from oral fluids, foods, debris, and plaque. The process keeps your tooth safe from further decay.

To protect the tooth and strengthen it, it may require a protective crown. This helps the remaining tooth stay healthy, while preventing it from breaking. Whether through filling or with a crown, your dentist ensures your tooth is durable enough for the daily wear and tear of chewing.

Follow-Up Care After a Root Canal in Parker, CO

Root canals require follow-up care like any tooth. You must visit your general dentist regularly for checkups, once every six months or more. At your next visit, the dentist checks the tooth to make sure it is healing as it should.

Root canals offer a 95 percent success rate and cost much less than having your tooth extracted and replaced. So take good care of your teeth to help your dentist’s work in saving your tooth last. When properly done and well-cared for after the procedure, root canals work well to save teeth after damage or decay.

You can prevent other teeth from needing root canal procedures by properly caring for them and visiting your dentist twice yearly. Use a fluoride toothpaste twice each day, floss your teeth daily and avoid damaging your teeth by biting down on ice, hard candy or other damaging things.

Healthy Teeth and Gums After Root Canals

Root canals and other dental services in Parker, CO take place during your dental visits at Signature Smiles Dentistry. Services through Signature Smiles Dentistry include:

The dental team at Signature Smiles Dentistry cares about your smile, just as you do. They help you maintain your healthiest teeth and gums for years of smiling ahead. To visit Signature Smiles Dentistry, call now at 720-722-3792 for a consultation appointment and to learn more about the root canals Parker, Colorado residents need.

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