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Periodontal Disease Treatment In Parker, CO

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Parker, CO

In the United States alone, periodontal disease affects nearly half of Americans over the age of 30. Nate Gunning, DDS, and the experienced dental team at Signature Smiles Dentistry in Parker, Colorado, know how quickly periodontal disease can turn into a serious problem. That’s why they have an amazing hygienist who is an expert in removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. To schedule a visit with the team, call Signature Smiles Dentistry or book an appointment online now.

Periodontal Disease Q & A

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an inflammatory infection of the gums. Without treatment, it can deteriorate your tooth-supporting structures, leading to gum recession and even tooth loss. 

In its early stages, periodontal disease is both treatable and reversible. Once the infection spreads, however, it can be difficult to treat without professional help and extensive procedures.

There are two main types of gum disease that the dental team at Signature Smiles Dentistry treats, including:


Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease that causes gum inflammation. Your gums may feel tender and bleed when you brush your teeth, but your teeth are still fully intact. You can typically treat gingivitis with regular brushing and flossing, deep cleanings, and routine dental exams.


Without treatment, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis — a more advanced form of gum disease. At this stage, you may have receding gums and loose teeth. In some cases, your teeth can start to fall out from lack of supporting tissues. You may need a deep cleaning along with more intensive treatments to reduce the symptoms of periodontitis.

The symptoms of gum disease vary, but some of the most common signs are:

  • Swollen gums
  • Redness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain when chewing
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Receding gums

Another sign of periodontal disease is visible pockets of pus near your gum line.

The hygienist at Signature Smiles Dentistry uses a special diode laser to repair damage to your gums, eliminate infections, and promote healing. The laser can effectively remove damaged tissue and disinfect your gums while removing plaque and bacteria.

Using a single wavelength of light, diode lasers trigger your body’s natural healing response to repair damage to your gums.

The team may also recommend scaling and root planing, which involves using special tools to penetrate your gum line. These dental instruments clean pockets of plaque and bacteria and smooth your roots to encourage your gums to reattach.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease, call Signature Smiles Dentistry or schedule an appointment online today.

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