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Professional Teeth Whitening in Parker, CO

Your smile discolors and darkens due to aging and smoking, in addition to drinking coffee, sodas, wine, and tea. It’s an unfortunate truth that eventually your smile appears yellowed and stained. But thanks to professional teeth whitening by your dentist, you can again have the more youthful, brighter smile you deserve.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening at Signature Smiles Dentistry is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today. Kits and whitening toothpaste used at home can’t compare to the quality provided by your dentist. In-office teeth whitening includes careful monitoring for safe, pain-free delivery of an immediately whiter, brighter and more confident smile. Advantages of professional teeth whitening at Signature Smiles Dentistry include:

Immediate Results
Safety and Comfort
Controllable Sensitivity
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Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

In the past, even in-office teeth whitening caused some tooth sensitivity. At-home whitening kits bought at the grocery store still cause this pain and irritation. But at your dentist’s office, your teeth become immediately brighter without irritated gums, sensitivity or pain. Today, your dentist uses thicker peroxide gels that do not penetrate your teeth as much as whitening agents of the past.

Although professional teeth whitening Parker, Colorado offers many advantages; teeth whitening still isn’t permanent. You must maintain your beautiful smile through follow-up visits to your dentist and at-home maintenance. Of course, daily oral hygiene also helps keep your smile looking great between whitening visits.

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Professional Teeth Whitening in Parker, CO vs. At-Home Kits

Professional teeth whitening Parker Colorado removes the discolorations and organic stains of aging, heredity, certain foods, drinks and tobacco use. At-home kits bought in the grocery store or drugstore do not perform whitening as well as your dentist’s procedure. With at-home kits, you also suffer more discomfort, sensitivity and pain than in the dentist’s chair. Many people also gain spotty results from at-home kits.

Your dentist helps you understand whether professional teeth whitening Parker Colorado will provide the results you want. Some stains do not go away, even with your dentist’s help. Stains from tetracycline, trauma or too much fluoride often remain on teeth despite your best whitening efforts.

People with extra-sensitive teeth and gums should avoid teeth whitening, except as recommended by your dentist. Some take-home bleaching trays work well even for people with these problems. They contain lower amounts of a less-potent peroxide than professional teeth whitening Parker Colorado uses.

How Your Dentist Whitens Your Teeth

Your dentist starts in-office teeth whitening by placing a cheek retractor into your mouth. This exposes all of your teeth visible when smiling, talking and eating to the whitening process. Your dentist places a rubber dam or hardening resin on your gums to protect them from the bleaching agents.

After applying bleaching gel to your teeth, the dentist lets you relax for about 15 to 30 minutes. The dentist or hygienist washes off the gel and reapplies for another brief period. Sometimes whitening involves using an intense light for bleaching gel activation.

At the end of your whitening session, you rinse your mouth, and the dentist checks your results. For some people, the best results appear after using an at-home whitening kit provided by the dentist after the initial in-office professional whitening. Or you may need one or more additional visits to the office for your best results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Parker, Colorado Needs

In Parker, CO, you gain access to the highest quality of professional teeth whitening at Signature Smiles Dentistry. Other services provided by the restorative dentist Parker, Colorado needs include:

You can have the smile you always wanted, with quality dental services in Parker, CO. Contact Signature Smiles Dentistry now for a consultation regarding professional teeth whitening by calling 720-722-3792.

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