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Cavity Filling in Parker, CO

In Parker, Colorado, a cavity filling is one of the most essential dental treatments you receive from Signature Smiles Dentistry. But what is a filling and how do I know if I need one? What should I expect from getting a filling in my tooth?

What Is a Cavity Filling?

A cavity filling restores the damage one of your teeth suffers due to decay. By filling your tooth, the dentist at Signature Smiles Dentistry helps you regain normal functioning and strength in your bite. In the past cavities required removal. But today’s dentists know how to treat and restore your teeth for more prolonged use throughout your lifetime.

A filling involves your dentist first finding the decay on your tooth, through a visual exam or using digital x-rays. To fill your tooth, the dentist removes the decay, cleans the affected area and fills the cavity with the chosen material.

One of the most significant factors in your cavity filling is what material to use for the filling, itself. The dentist helps you decide according to the location of the tooth in your mouth and your budget. Your filling may include composite material that matches your natural teeth.

Or you may benefit more from silver amalgam dental fillings, gold dental fillings or even porcelain.

Filling your cavity closes off the holes through which bacteria enter and cause further decay. This stops the damage to your teeth on that area, as long as you continue taking good care of your teeth. You brush and floss around a filled tooth just like you do with fully natural teeth.

If your tooth suffers too much decay for a standard filling, the dentist often suggests dental crowns Parker, Colorado provides. Just as the name infers, a crown fits over your tooth like a cap, shielding it from further damage and making it stronger. If your tooth decay reaches your tooth’s nerve, you likely need root canal therapy. The dentist provides a root canal to remove the damaged nerve before filling your tooth.

Cavity Filling Parker, Colorado

What Should I Expect?

Getting a cavity filling Parker, Colorado is not a painful experience. Instead, the dentist gives you local anesthesia that numbs the area around your tooth. He then works on your tooth, cutting through its enamel using a drill. He removes the decay and prepares the space for filling.

Often the dentist uses an acid gel on your tooth to prepare it for a bonded filling. Other dental fillings require a resin layered onto the cavity. The resin hardens under a special bright light, giving it great strength.

Your final step at the dentist for a cavity filling Parker, Colorado is polishing of your tooth so it looks and feels new. After your filling, you go back to your normal daily routine. Once your numbness wears off, your restored tooth is ready for normal use.

How Do I Know When to Make an Appointment?

Your dentist at Signature Smiles Dentistry is your guide, for when to expect a cavity filling Parker, Colorado. Only the dentist can see your tooth decay well enough to know what type of repair it needs. He uses a small mirror during a visual dental exam and X-rays to see beyond your tooth surface.

Your dentist tells you when you need a filling. You make your next appointment to return for the procedure. In one visit he prepares your tooth. He removes the decayed tooth material and fills the resulting space with the long-lasting material best suited to your needs.

Dental Fillings and Cavity Filling Parker, Colorado

Your Parker, Colorado dentist at Signature Smiles Dentistry provides the dental services you need for a bright, healthy and lasting smile. These dental services include:

With quality dental care, your most confident smile lasts throughout your lifetime. Contact Signature Smiles Dentistry to learn more about receiving a cavity filling by calling 720-722-3792 today.

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