What Are Emergency Dental Services?

Suffering trauma to your mouth is scary. Anytime you experience this type of injury that causes bleeding, loosens teeth, knocks teeth out or breaks teeth, you need emergency dental services. But what are these services and how do you know when you need them?

What Causes Trauma to Teeth and Gums?

The most common trauma to teeth and gums include accidental injury, such as on the sports field, during rough play, in a fall or in a motor vehicle accident. Other trauma comes from eating hard foods like candies or ice. Sometimes people also suffer dental emergency needs by biting their nails, trying to open bottles with their teeth or biting on non-food items like a pen.

The results of these types of trauma vary. But anytime you suffer cracked, broken or dislodged teeth, you need emergency dental care. The same is true for cut and bleeding gums. This means you need an emergency dentist Parker CO trusts that provides services when such accidents happen.

Besides the original injury, your teeth and gums can suffer other damage if left untreated. Infection is a big threat to your oral health after an accidental injury.

Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

Common emergency services from your dentist’s office include first helping you assess whether you need to visit the dentist immediately. Sometimes an injury can wait until the next business day. But, when you suffer severe injury to your teeth or gums, you likely need immediate attention. Missing a large part of a tooth, a damaged tooth nerve, or a completely knocked out tooth are all emergency scenarios.

Other emergencies for dental patients include abscesses or other severe tooth pain. Pain is the sign of a problem, so your dental office staff helps you understand whether you can treat your pain at home or you need to go to the dentist’s office on the same day.

If you do not know if you need urgent dental services in Parker CO, ask yourself these questions:

Answering yes to these questions tells you that you possibly need emergency dental care.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

An emergency can happen at any time and anywhere. Some important tips for preventing such injuries include wearing a mouthguard and avoiding hard foods and candies. Wearing a mouthguard is particularly important if you play contact sports or risk falling in your athletic activity. Do not bite down on hard foods like candy, ice or popcorn kernels.

Another way to prevent dental emergencies is to get routine dental care. By visiting your dentist twice yearly, you avoid problems like abscesses and severely decayed teeth. These problems cause pain and can lead to emergency dental needs. Other dental services you need to prevent emergencies and achieve your healthiest smile include:

Preventive care helps you avoid urgent pain and other problems. But if you do suffer a dental emergency, call your dentist at Signature Smiles Dentistry in Parker, CO at 720.513.8405.

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