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Dentist removing tooth

The Importance of Tarter Removal

How important is dental tartar removal? You can find plenty of articles about removing tartar from teeth on your own, but it is not something to be attempted at home. Tartar removal should be done by an expert dental hygienist, under the supervision of an experienced dentist. Let’s take a closer look at tartar removal and its importance.

What is Tartar, and Why Should We Remove It?

No matter how much you focus on oral hygiene, you will still have bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria, proteins, and food additives combine, the result is plaque, a sticky film that forms on the teeth. This plaque buildup can stick to your teeth, lurk under your gums, and even cling to your fillings. Once it has been there for a while, it becomes calcified into tartar, a yellow substance that is as hard as bone. Tartar is unsightly, and it absorbs stains from coffee, tea, and other substances, causing your teeth to look unclean, but that’s not the worst thing about it. It can irritate and damage your gums, and provide a harbour for bacteria, leading to infection. Without tartar buildup removal, serious health problems can develop, including gum disease, dental decay, and lost teeth.

Doesn’t Brushing Remove Tartar?

Brushing your teeth and flossing daily can help clean your teeth. However, this doesn’t remove all of the plaque, and it can’t get rid of tartar. An internet search will show you natural remedies and DIY tactics to remove tartar, but these can cause bigger problems, as it’s easy for gum tissues and teeth to be damaged accidentally. Your dental team, however, has extensive training in tartar removal, so the tartar can be removed from your teeth safely and effectively. Using special tools like an ultrasonic device or manual scaling tools, a dental hygienist can remove tartar from each tooth and below the gumline.

Benefits of Tartar Removal

Dental cleaning to remove tartar can reduce your risk of oral diseases like gum inflammation, periodontitis, and pulpitis by up to 80 percent. This kind of deep cleaning improves your oral hygiene and prevents tooth decay, and it can increase the longevity of your dental work. Tartar removal can also reduce sensitivity in your mouth and improve its pH balance to make your breath fresher. If you practice good dental hygiene and refrain from smoking, plan to have your teeth cleaned every six months. If you smoke, frequently drink coffee and alcoholic beverages, and do not have the best oral hygiene, you should see your dentist every three to four months instead.

Visit Signature Smiles Dentistry for Clean, Healthy Teeth

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