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Dentist removing tooth

Any search on the web today for how to remove tartar takes you to some misleading information. That is, these searches result in a long list of DIY articles about removing your own tartar from your teeth. But tartar removal is not something you should attempt at home. You need a dentist’s care and the expert assistance of a dental hygienist through general dentistry to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

What Is Tartar?

Tartar is hardened plaque that forms on your teeth and calcifies, becoming hard like bone. Tartar builds up because its hard surface gives plaque the perfect place to stick. When you allow tartar to build upon your teeth or along the gum line, it causes serious dental health problems.

You can suffer gum disease, dental decay, and other issues, all because you skip your six-month dental visit. So you should never try to treat your own tartar at home, especially since one visit to the dentist gets you back to tartar-free teeth.

Other problems that hardened plaque causes include cosmetic issues. Porous surfaces of tartar easily take on stains from coffee, tea, and other foods or beverages. Soon, your teeth look unclean and darkened.

About Tartar Removal at Home

You cannot remove tartar using a toothbrush. If you notice tartar buildup on your teeth, you should not attempt its removal at home using DIY dental kits or natural remedies. These can cause many bigger problems, especially if you accidentally damage sensitive gum tissues or teeth. Such damage happens easily, as you cannot see into your own mouth for safe probing using sharp tools.

Tartar removal requires extensive education and training. Your dental hygienist attends college and a minimum of two years of coursework before working in the dentist’s office. Many hygienists today even possess bachelor’s or master’s degrees, according to the American Dental Association.

Tartar Removal in the Dentist’s Office

Tartar removal in the dentist’s office is safe and provides you with like-new surfaces on your teeth in just one dental visit. Your hygienist or dentist uses special tools, such as an ultrasonic device or manual scaling tools to remove tartar from each tooth and below the gumline.

During your visit to the dentist’s office for removal of tartar, you also receive an oral exam, dental X-rays, oral cancer screening, and general dental cleaning in Parker, CO. The hygienist starts the cleaning with the actual tartar scraping.

Preventing Need for Tartar Removal

You can help yourself beyond dental visits, by preventing tartar buildup on your teeth. By maintaining proper brushing and flossing habits, you reduce your need for dental scaling to remove tartar. Brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and floss once daily to remove plaque from between teeth where tartar also builds up.

Of course, you need twice-yearly dental visits to prevent tartar buildup. You also need a range of other dental services in Parker, CO, so you can discuss these with your dentist or receive them in the same visit. These important services include:

As adults, we all have busy schedules. But putting off your next dental visit only makes oral health problems bigger. The same is true of tartar buildup, with the more tartar you accumulate on your teeth causing more significant oral health problems. For your best oral and physical health, visit your Parker, CO dentist twice yearly.

Contact Signature Smiles Dentistry now at 720.513.8405 for more information about tartar removal and other routine dental care. Schedule your next visit today, to keep your tartar from building up and causing bigger problems.