Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Toothpaste

Your choice is unlimited when it comes to buying a tube of toothpaste, and the task can be overwhelming. When choosing the best toothpaste, it’s vital to consider your unique oral health requirements.

Toothpaste comprises of abrasive agents and flavoring. The abrasive agents (such as silicates and calcium carbonate) help to remove stains, bacteria, and food particles in your mouth. The flavors (such as cinnamon and lemon-lime) make the toothpaste taste better.

Types of Toothpaste

There are numerous options and combinations you can try. Here are the most commonly used and widely available types of toothpaste.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally. It has been instrumental in preventing cavity and tooth decay for more than half a century now. Fluoride strengthens the teeth enamel, consequently protects them from the acidity caused by bacteria.

Tartar Control Toothpaste 

Everyone has a thin layer of bacteria covering their teeth known as plaque. If you fail to observe proper dental hygiene, the plaque hardens into tartar. This situation is dangerous, as the buildup can ultimately lead to gum disease. Toothpaste manufactured to control tartar effectively has several active ingredients, including zinc citrate and pyrophosphates.

Toothpaste for Teeth Sensitivity 

Dentists prescribe these types of toothpaste to people with teeth that are easily irritated by hot or cold temperatures. The active ingredients include strontium chloride and potassium nitrate. These chemicals take a few weeks to offer relief, and they do this by blocking the pathways leading to the teeth’s nerves.

Whitening Toothpaste 

To help people achieve pearly white teeth, manufacturers have been marketing whitening toothpaste for everyday use. These tubes of toothpaste do not contain bleaching agents but abrasive particles that polish the teeth. Other brands contain chemicals that bind stains and pull them off your teeth.

Tips for Choosing the Best Toothpaste 

The first step is to consider your needs and those of your family members as well. As long as you choose a toothpaste containing fluoride, the rest is a matter of personal preference. However, opt for toothpaste that bears the seal of acceptance of the American Dental Association (ADA) to get a genuine product.

If you want to instill good oral hygiene to your children, choose toothpaste with a fruit flavor to entice them to brush their teeth. Alternatively, you can buy whitening toothpaste if you’re keen on restoring whiteness to your teeth.

Always be wary of imposters. Some imported kinds of toothpaste contain diethylene glycol, which is a toxic substance. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions against using toothpaste manufactured in China.

Do You Want Optimal Oral Health? Find it at Signature Smiles 

Seek professional advice from a dentist before you switch tubes of toothpaste, or if you want to be sure you’re choosing the best toothpaste for any oral conditions. You might require other treatment services, including: 

By visiting a dentist for a routine checkup and choosing the best toothpaste, you’ll enjoy optimal oral health. Remember, a healthy mouth translates into a healthy body. Contact us today at 720.513.8405 to book an appointment. 

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