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Women with the teeth sensitive ache

Are you displaying the typical root canal symptoms? Do you feel pain when you chew on one tooth in particular? Do you feel discomfort, hot or cold sensations that seem to linger? When experiencing these and other symptoms of a root canal, a root canal procedure in Parker CO is your best treatment option.

Understanding the Cause of Root Canal Symptoms

Your tooth contains pulp, which consists of blood vessels and nerves. When the flesh gets infected, the tooth decays from the inside out.

You’ll notice some discomfort when you drink something cold or hot. The feeling of pain seems to stick around. Pain when chewing is another symptom that a root canal is necessary for treatment. That’s why you’ve begun avoiding eating on one side.

Undergoing a root canal procedure in Parker CO is your best option.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Your dentist will suggest a root canal to save heavily damaged teeth. When you display root canal symptoms, the only other option is to pull the tooth. Extractions require more work and follow-up appointments. That’s why your dentist will prefer to save a tooth whenever possible.

When you come in as soon as you notice symptoms of root canal discomfort, you can most likely avoid extractions. Your dentist numbs the area and removes the infected pulp. Next, they clean and disinfect the space. They then seal the tooth.

What Happens if You do Nothing?

Root canal symptoms don’t get better on their own. Because there’s an active infection, the problem gets worse over time. You can avoid constant reminders for a while. You might do so by chewing on the other side and carefully brushing around the tooth.

However, eventually, symptoms of root canal pain invade daily actions. That’s because the infection grows so extensive that a pus-filled pocket develops. Therefore, you’ll now notice swelling on the affected side. The longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes.

Working with an Excellent Dentist

You don’t have to wait until the symptoms of root canal discomfort create an emergency. Instead, come in as soon as you notice the first twinges when the problem is still small. You’ll be surprised that there is little discomfort during the procedure. Instead, there’s a good chance that you deal with more pain, trying to avoid it.

Work with a dentist who offers a full line of dental treatment services including:

Find out more about root canal symptoms today. If you think you’re dealing with symptoms of root canal pain, Signature Smiles Dentistry can help. Call 720.513.8405 today.