Periodontal Abscess

You’re biting down on your tooth, and suddenly there’s a sharp pain. It’s a telltale sign of a periodontal abscess. In fact, you might have noticed that food has tasted differently. What is a periodontal abscess and will you need periodontal gum disease treatment in Parker, CO?

Understanding How a Periodontal Abscess Develops

Plaque forms on your teeth when brushing fails to remove bacteria. Within a few hours, the plaque turns into tartar. It makes it easy to trap bacteria along and below the gum line. Without intervention, you may need to get gingivitis treatment.

You’ll recognize the condition because it leads to bleeding gums when you brush. This is a warning sign that you need to visit your dentist. Without treatment, you may go on to develop periodontitis. It’s an inflammation of the gums.

Ok, so what is a periodontal abscess? When bacteria build up around the tooth in a pocket, it creates an infection. As the condition worsens, tartar traps the bacterial discharge. Essentially, a periodontal abscess is pus that can’t drain away.

How to Prevent a Periodontal Abscess

Oral hygiene is at the root of healthy gums. Brush twice a day with a soft-bristle brush. Moreover, floss and rinse your mouth daily. Doing so prevents gingivitis, which is the onset of the problem. 

Moreover, visit your dentist every six months for an exam as well as a dental cleaning. It removes tartar and plaque, which counteracts gingivitis. Therefore, your at-home tooth-brushing will be more effective. Similarly, visit your dentist when chewing becomes painful or you notice reddish discoloration of the gums. 

Treating the Abscess

The periodontal gum disease treatment in Parker, CO begins with an exam. Your dentist will take into account your medical history and notes from the last visit. If this is your first visit, the doctor will discuss pain and infection management processes with you. Treatment depends on the severity of the abscess.

It may include:

Mind you, you may not need all of these services. Your dentist will be able to tell you what treatments will suit your unique condition after an exam. The first goal is always the preservation of the tooth. Removing it only takes place when there’s no other option.

What Happens if You Do Nothing?

Scientists identify at least five different types of bacteria in the pus surrounding a tooth. Without treatment, pain increases. Moreover, bacteria from the abscess may infect the surrounding bone. Bacteria will also travel throughout your body and attack other systems. 

In some cases, an untreated periodontal abscess can have fatal consequences. In contrast, the sooner you undergo treatment, the easier the procedure will be. Contact Signature Smiles Dentistry at 720.513.8405 to schedule an appointment.

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