Top 5 Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care

An accident has a way of turning a relaxing day off into a stressful situation. When you sustain a mouth injury do you know where to get after hours care? Signature Smiles Dentistry can help. Read on.

Oct 1st, 2021
The Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common dental issue, but can be largely prevented through vigilant brushing, flossing, and making those all-important dental visits. Read on to learn more about the early stages of gum disease.

Sep 1st, 2021
Signs You Might Need Emergency Dental Care

Routine dental care for cleanings or checkups are planned and booked in advance, but sometimes you need immediate dental care. Read on to learn the signs of an oral health emergency.

Aug 1st, 2021
When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Accidents happen. But when you have an accident that causes dental trauma, do you know what to do? Dentistry isn’t just about addressing tooth decay or preventing gum disease. We can help during emergencies as well. Read on.

Jul 1st, 2021
Am I a Candidate for Lumineers®?

Lumineers® are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can transform a less-than-perfect smile into a dazzling, right-off-the-red-carpet Hollywood smile in about two visits. Read on to find out if Lumineers are right for you.

Jun 2nd, 2021
Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are often challenging to diagnose. The pain seems to come and go, making locating the source of the pain that more challenging. Sometimes it just seems easier to ignore, but should you? Read on.

May 14th, 2021
5 Dental Hygiene Habits to Embrace

For many of us learning to brush our teeth was our first rite of passage growing up. But proper tooth brushing is important no matter your age. Read on to learn about dental hygiene habits that can keep you smiling for a lifetime.

Apr 20th, 2021
Bleeding Gums: Could it be Gum Disease?

Bleeding gums is a common dental condition that can mean something minor like you’re flossing improperly or brushing your teeth too hard. It could also mean that you have gum disease. Read on to learn more.

Mar 17th, 2021
Clear Correct: Straight Teeth Without a Mouthful of Metal

Are you interested in the cosmetic and dental health benefits of straighter teeth, but worried about uncomfortable, complicated, and unsightly orthodontia? Keep reading to learn more about clear dental alignment systems like ClearCorrect.

Dec 8th, 2020
Versatile Veneers: Learn All the Smile Flaws They Can Correct

If you’re searching for an effective way to conceal discolored teeth, cover prominent gaps, or hide unsightly chips, look no further than veneers, a simple cosmetic solution that can transform your smile in just two quick and painless visits.

Oct 21st, 2020
Top Causes of Receding Gums

Your gums, or the pink tissue that surrounds your teeth, are an easily overlooked part of your overall oral health. The gums can be susceptible to inflammation due to the buildup of bacteria, which can lead to gingivitis.

Sep 9th, 2020
How To Avoid A Cavity

If you are prone to cavities or are concerned about preventing tooth decay, there are a few habits you can incorporate into your routine to promote good oral health. Avoiding a cavity can be as simple as brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist.

Sep 1st, 2020
How To Keep Up With Your Oral Health During Covid-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us live, work, and socialize, it may have also impacted your oral health. Maybe you had an appointment for a routine dental cleaning or other dental services that were canceled due to coronavirus...

Aug 15th, 2020
Options To Prevent Teeth Grinding At Night

Do you grind your teeth at night? Many people grind their teeth while they sleep but are not aware of their harmful habit. Grinding your teeth can lead to a variety of negative side effects and can cause you to need cosmetic dentistry in the future...

Aug 5th, 2020
Teeth Whitening Options

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. However, if your teeth aren’t as bright and clean as you’d prefer, you may be somewhat self-conscious, leaving you searching for teeth whitening options.

Jul 30th, 2020
How to Prevent Teeth Shifting

Your teeth are not locked into a static position for your entire life, even if you’ve had braces to correct them. In fact, one of the periods that they’re most likely to shift is immediately after your braces get removed.

Jun 20th, 2020
How to Handle Broken Teeth

Did you know that fractured or broken teeth are one of the leading causes of tooth loss in first world nations? This common and sometimes painful tooth injury can be challenging to endure in the best of times.

May 30th, 2020
What is Emergency Dental Care?

In this uncertain time, it can be challenging to know what constitutes as a dental emergency. However, it’s vital to understand what this term means and whether you need to seek treatment for a tooth injury.

May 10th, 2020
Difference Between Endodontist vs. Dentist

You’ve heard some bad news – you’re going to need a root canal. Now you need to understand the difference between an endodontist vs. a dentist for this procedure.

Apr 30th, 2020
How to Prevent Plaque Build-Up

Plaque is a type of biofilm that sticks to your teeth and builds up over time. Bacteria forms when your food mixes with your saliva and other fluids, creating plaque.

Apr 9th, 2020
Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Do you feel pain after a spoonful of hot soup or after a bite of ice cream? If so, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

Mar 20th, 2020
Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Toothpaste

Your choice is unlimited when it comes to buying a tube of toothpaste, and the task can be overwhelming. When choosing the best toothpaste, it’s vital to consider your unique oral health requirements.

Mar 10th, 2020
Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Bleeding gums are a symptom of an underlying health condition. However, if you only ask yourself – why are my gums bleeding?

Mar 10th, 2020
The Need for Affordable Dental Care

Adults throughout the United States take more pride in their physical appearance than ever before. This includes wanting a “winning smile” of bright white and healthy teeth from an affordable dentist.

Feb 24th, 2020
How to Tell if You have a Cavity

Many people realize they may have a cavity before going to see their dentist. Other cavities occur with no clear signs for you, whatsoever.

Feb 17th, 2020
Choosing the Best Dentist in Parker, CO

Choosing a new dentist causes anxiety for many people, let alone finding the best dentist in Parker, Colorado. But you need expert dental services in CO to ensure your best oral health.

Feb 3rd, 2020
What Are Lumineers?

All of us try our best to prevent tooth decay and to keep our teeth as white and healthy as we can. That said, sometimes the appearance of our teeth is beyond our control.

Jan 27th, 2020
How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

As we grow older, it is only natural that our teeth become less white. Even people who do take great care of their teeth experience the eventual fading of their smiles as time goes on.

Jan 20th, 2020
How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

Even those of us with the worst oral hygiene brush our teeth some of the time. And if we asked people how to properly brush your teeth, very few would answer, “I don’t know.”

Jan 12th, 2020
Loose Adult Tooth

We all remember the excitement of having a loose tooth as a child. As a kid, a loose tooth might mean a visit from the Tooth Fairy and the world of possibilities and rewards that that brings.

Dec 30th, 2019
Why Are My Gums Swollen?

If you have been asking yourself, “Why are my gums swollen?” and have not been able to isolate the cause, it might be time to visit your dentist. Swollen gums can be a sign of more significant problems with your oral health.

Dec 15th, 2019
What Is a Root Canal?

If you’re like most people, the term “root canal” probably doesn’t carry a lot of positive connotations. And indeed, a root canal service in Parker, CO is not at the top of anyone’s holiday wish list.

Dec 9th, 2019
Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

Halloween has passed, and it’s almost Thanksgiving, which means holiday feasting is right around the corner. December holidays feature a lot of sweets, from eggnog to Santa’s cookies to jelly donuts. December is dreadful for your dental health.

Nov 18th, 2019
The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Many Americans doubt the importance of teeth cleaning, neglecting their teeth, and failing to go to a dentist. Here at Signature Smiles, we know the importance of teeth cleaning.

Nov 8th, 2019
Maintaining Oral Health

Maintaining oral health is something many Americans overlook. Even people who brush and floss daily tend to avoid going to the dentist.

Nov 1st, 2019
How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

When a patient requires a dental cavity filling, they often wonder, “how long does a cavity filling take?” Perhaps you, too, have a cavity and are wondering this very question.

Oct 23rd, 2019
Root Canal Symptoms

Are you displaying the typical root canal symptoms? Do you feel pain when you chew on one tooth in particular?

Oct 15th, 2019
Benefits of an Oral Cancer Screening

According to, more than 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with some form of oral cancer this year. An oral cancer screening can catch this condition early, allowing you the best possible odds of beating it.

Oct 13th, 2019
What Is a Dental Crown?

Many people, particularly adults, face the prospect of needing a dental crown. So what is a dental crown and why does your dentist recommend one?

Sep 25th, 2019
What is Sedation Dentistry?

If you experience fear of some dental procedures or oral surgery, you have options today for making your treatments easier. These include anesthesia that numbs pain and sedation dentistry used to relax you and relieve your anxiety.

Sep 18th, 2019
The Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth

Many teens and adults face the important decision of wisdom teeth removal. Thanks to modern technologies like dental X-rays and advanced knowledge of your dentist, you do not need to suffer the pain of problem wisdom teeth, as people once did.

Sep 10th, 2019
What are Dental Crowns?

What are dental crowns? A crown is a tooth-shaped cover (or cap) that a dentist puts over your tooth. Crowns can make a tooth stronger if it has been weakened by decay.

Aug 22nd, 2019
Periodontal Abscess

You’re biting down on your tooth, and suddenly there’s a sharp pain. It’s a telltale sign of a periodontal abscess.

Jul 30th, 2019
How to Remove Tartar

You’ve heard that tartar’s bad for your oral health. You can go to the best tartar removal in Parker, CO, Signature Smiles.

Jul 17th, 2019
Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

A lot of people get anxious and nervous about going to the dentist. In those cases, dentists use sedation dentistry techniques to make them comfortable and relaxed.

Jul 10th, 2019
What is Halitosis?

Halitosis, also known as fetor oris or bad breath affects 1 in 4 people. Halitosis can cause worry, embarrassment, and anxiety and make socializing difficult.

Jun 28th, 2019
The Importance of Oral Screening

Regular oral screening is crucial. It allows your dentist to check your teeth for early detection of issues such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities. Oral screening may also help your doctor screen for cancer as well through dental x rays...

Jun 21st, 2019
Gingivitis Treatment

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. You’ll recognize it by the sore, red gums that bleed when you brush your teeth.

Jun 7th, 2019
What Are Emergency Dental Services?

Suffering trauma to your mouth is scary. Anytime you experience this type of injury that causes bleeding, loosens teeth, knocks teeth out or breaks teeth, you need emergency dental services.

May 15th, 2019
Do I Need a Dental X Ray?

In the past, people worried about getting a dental X ray. Each exposure to these technologies increases the risk for cancers and other conditions.

May 8th, 2019
The Importance of Tartar Removal

Any search on the web today for how to remove tartar takes you to some misleading information. That is, these searches result in a long list of DIY articles about removing your own tartar from your teeth.

May 1st, 2019
How to Remove Plaque from Teeth

Although plaque is colorless and almost invisible, it contains bacteria that decays your teeth and causes gum disease. Plaque left on your teeth also leads to a wide range of physical health problems, such as heart disease.

Apr 16th, 2019
Is Reversing Gum Disease Possible?

Gum disease is the inflammation of the gums. It can progress to the point that it affects the bone, which supports your teeth. However, if treated early enough with the periodontal treatment Parker CO offers, reversing gum disease is possible.

Apr 10th, 2019
The Importance of Plaque Removal

Having healthy teeth is a big part of feeling confident as you interact with others. For this confidence, you keep your smile healthiest through ongoing plaque removal in Parker, Colorado.

Mar 25th, 2019
Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Did you know that the foods you eat affect your oral health as much as they affect your physical health? Good foods can help keep your teeth strong.

Mar 18th, 2019
What Are Dental Veneers?

Are you wanting a healthier, more youthful looking smile but do not think you can achieve it with your natural teeth? Think again.

Mar 11th, 2019
National Dentists Day 2019

Have you heard about National Dentists Day? This annual observance occurs each March 6, as a way to show appreciation for our nation’s dentists.

Mar 3rd, 2019
Why Are My Gums Receding?

If you have ever wondered, “Why are my gums receding?’ you are not alone. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from this problem every year.

Feb 22nd, 2019
What is a Dental Exam?

Getting a regular dental exam in Parker, Colorado is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your oral health and prevent cavities. During your exam, your dentist will clean your teeth and look for signs of oral disease.

Feb 8th, 2019
How to Get Perfect Teeth

Most people today want a gorgeous smile. But having a great smile comes down to having healthy teeth and gums.

Jan 29th, 2019
How to Reverse Receding Gums

Many adults notice slight changes in their gums over time, with teeth appearing longer and feeling more sensitive. This usually means your gums are receding.

Dec 18th, 2018
Mouth Cancer Action Month

In the United Kingdom, Mouth Cancer Action Month takes place each November. In the United States, Oral Cancer Awareness Month occurs each April.

Nov 28th, 2018
How Much Do Dental Cleanings Cost?

Are you wondering how much do dental cleanings cost before your upcoming appointment? Or do you fear this cost so much that it is keeping you from scheduling an appointment with the dentist?

Nov 21st, 2018
Best Parker Colorado Family Dentist

Finding a quality Parker Colorado family dentist is never easy. You want one who understands your needs and treats you as an individual, too.

Oct 24th, 2018
Healthy Halloween Tips

Two times of year lead to some of the worst dental problems and eating habits. These times include Halloween, a holiday focusing on candies and sweets from trick-or-treating and December holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year.

Oct 18th, 2018